* Due to anticipated weather
the Follies start time has been
moved up to 7 pm for the
Thursday, February 8 performance


Follies 2018

70th Annual Follies 2018:

"Millennial Music"
Thursday, February 8 7:30 pm
Saturday, February 10 8:30 pm
Sunday, February 11 2:00 pm

All performances @ NIACC Auditorium
Tickets available at HyVee East & West (Customer Service Desk)

Act One

Overture: This Is It Concert Choir
Drums A Go Go Christian Gossweiler
I Don’t Know My Name Ava Ciavarelli, Alana Wickering, Sophia Willis
90’s Rock Party Varsity Show Choir
Flirting Academy Skit
Kalina Cole, Mike Cooling, Alexia Davis, Kayla Davis,
Andrew Deets, Derek Johnson, Natasha Orton, Derek Wurth
The Scientist Kallie Whitehill
Syncronized Swimming Men’s Swim Team
Happy Jazz Band
I Was Here Senior Girls Ensemble
Secrets String Ensemble
Angels Brandon Wiman
One Voice Ava Ciavarelli, Emma Garrett, Kylie Hansen
Handshake Lesson Skit
Alyssa Alert, Sawyer Berg, Kara Lara, Anna Lehmann, Eric Lensing, Logan Young
Get The Party Started Concert Choir

Act Two

Millennial Music Chorale
iRobot Tyson Cooley
Texting Confusion Eddie Lara & Michael Rowe
Stomp MCHS Drumline
Mix Tape Elise Obermire & Noah Hoffman
The Game Of Life In Real Life Skit
Marcus Buttweiler, Jake Palmer, Alana Wickering, Sophia Willis, Brandon Wiman
Caravan Jazz Band
Mohawk Danzers Ensemble
Spoiler Alert Skit
Eddie Callanan, Adam Dettmer, David Johnson, Derek Johnson, Jake Palmer, Derek Wurth
Magic Kingdom Noah Hoffman, Henry Klatt, Skyler Lee, JP Ryal
This Is Me Concert Choir
The Bachelor Skit
Alyssa Alert, Gabi Berding, Sawyer Berg, Ava Ciavarelli, Karla Lara, Anna Lehmann,
White Flag Hannah Hill, Natasha Orton, Amelia Ouverson
There’s No Business (Like Show Business) Cast

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