MCHS Vocal Music
Booster Club:
"The Choral Music Guild"

Red black music
Levels of Membership

Bach $1,000
Beethoven $500
Brahms $250
Handel $100
Mozart $50
Schubert $25


Make checks payable to
"The Choral Music Guild" and mail to:
The Choral Music Guild
Mason City High School
1700 Fourth Street S.E.
Mason City, IA 50401

Before it moves you . . .

Before it stirs you . . .

Before it thrills you . . .

You must enable it to happen:

The Choral Music Guild

Statement of Purpose

The Choral Music Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed to assist the Mason City High School Vocal Music Department. The Guild strives to provide support and funding for awards, student recognition, uniforms, equipment, and other educational projects. All gifts to the Choral Music Guild are tax deductible.

The Choral Music Guild believes that educating young people in the arts is vital to cultivating the future success of our society.

The Choral Music Guild believes that the values of self-discipline and self-expression are enhanced for the young people of Mason City through participation in music unlike any other experience.

The Choral Music Guild encourages the Vocal Music Department’s philosophy of enriching appreciation for music and the expression of that which makes us human.

Applause Is Not Enough

Mason City’s musical legacy is renewed year after year in MCHS Vocal Music. The musical talent keeps coming. You’ve been there . . . you’ve heard them . . . but applause is not enough. The Choral Music Guild was organized to provide financial support to ensure that the legacy and applause continue.

The history of The Choral Music Guild is quite a success story! We have purchased new robes, new showchoir uniforms, pianos and equipment. Every year we purchase contest medals, pins, certificates, and plaques to recognize the achievements of the students.


The Choral Music Guild exists to celebrate and perpetuate the success of MCHS vocal music students. More than the momentous decisions we must occasionally make, it is the small decisions we make on a daily basis which are the difference between average and excellence. A decision to join The Choral Music Guild will enable our organization to move forward in its goal to provide the support students need to maintain excellence now and for the future.

Members of The Choral Music Guild will be listed in concert programs in recognition of their generosity.
All donations are tax deductible.